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Flying Eagle Shipping Limited
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Surulere Lagos.
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Rapid advancement in technology has brought the world much closer than earlier, making the market more competitive and interesting. In the entire sphere of export and import, it is imperative that the process of clearing, forwarding and other shipping related services are expedited as much as possible.

 To shorten the transaction circle and to minimize cost, each importer or exporter requires a reliable, competent and financially strong company to handle its clearing and forwarding activities. Flying Eagle.Shipping Limited provides total logistics solution in the following areas:


 Customs clearance of import / export cargo through all the Sea and Airport in Nigeria and the entire West Africa. Flying Eagle.Shipping Limited delivers all consignments promptly and intact.Whether containerized or break bulk, general cargo or liquid cargo.


 Flying Eagle.Shipping Limited executes cargo-forwarding function on all trade routesby Air / Sea at the best rates in order to encourage the export of products to the world.


The company is well known among freight forwarders worldwide. Our constant and frequent usage of various trade routes in the world accounts for our strength, stability and ability. This has qualified us for discount facilities from major liners and Airlines.

With effective use of high level information equipments and a team of top-of-the-line professionals, we lift cargo from any door in the world and deliver to customer's designated door step (irrespective of volume) within 3- 6 working days (depending on the route).

Flying Eagle Shipping Limited is financially strong that upon receipt of instruction from the Consignee / Shipper, we will instantly pay for freight on behalf of the importer, arrange for immediate clearing, and deliver to the importers designated warehouse, while he pays after 14 days of delivery.

 As comfort to our clients, our bankers and Insurers are always at hand to issue a performance bond / Goods-In-Transit Policies to guarantee and indemnify the our valuable clients against loss, damage or odds and to eliminate doubts.

For additional confort all goods under our care are covered under Goods –In–Transit Insurance Policy from a reputable Insurance firm. This policy covers the goods up to the client’s warehouse.


Flying Eagle.Shipping Limited provides warehousing and distribution facilities for its clients. Our warehouse is capable of accommodating 50 X 20' units of 20 X 40” container load of goods. Our warehouse is fully equiped with trained security personnel, qualified staff to handle your goods disbursements and standby laborers at highly competitive rates.


We clear cargo from the Air Port within 24 hours of ETA
Sea freight cargo within a maximum period of 5 working days from ETA
Diplomatic, Perishables and other pre-release items are delivered within few hours of ETA after documents and custom clearance.


 Flying Eagle.Shipping Limited has constantly improved capacity, achievements and technology in the logistics management.  With a fleet of heavy trucks and equipment, we are undoubtedly capable of any practical logistic support to trade.  We deliver to any part of the country at the shortest possible time. 


Flying Eagle.Shipping Limited offers assistance in obtaining Temporary Import Permits.
We easily obtain Duty waivers and conssessions where applicable
Friendly reception at all our offices
Free Tracking Facilities